Frequently Asked Questions

How and where does my child get a tag?

You get them at the Freikometer in the mornings when a volunteer is there. Please use our contact form to find out when a volunteer is going to be at your school. Volunteers show up at least once a week.

How do I register my child? How do I check my rides?

You register here. Parents or guardians should register for their children. Once registered, you can register all your children under one email address. Many families have more than one child participating in Freiker. Follow the Register child link on Your Family site.

Once you have registered your child's tag, all of the rides for that tag will then show up.

Who is the lead volunteer ("Wheel") at my school?

Please use our contact form and we'll put you in touch with your Wheel

Can I register more than one tag for my child?

Yes. When you login and go to Your Family, click on a child's name. Then follow the New Helmet Tag link to add a new tag. Once you enter the ID number from the new tag, all the rides from the multiple tags should show up.

How do I add missing rides?

Go to Your Family and click on the Add missing ride link next to your child's name.

The Freikometer didn't ring this morning. Is it broken?

Maybe. The Freikometer does malfunction from time to time. Keep in mind that the Freikometer is scheduled to turn on only for a limited amount of time before school and after school lets out. If you are unsure if the Freikometer is broken or not, please use our contact form.

When do my children win their prizes?

We are working on the software which will allow you to order prizes on the web. This should be available some time before spring 2008. We're sorry for the delay, but we're a non-profit run by volunteers, and our day jobs take precedence.

Where should I place the tag on my child's helmet?

Ideally the tag should be placed on the top of the helmet. If this isn't possible then place the sticker on the side of the helmet most likely to face the Freikometer as the child rides past. Please note that there are some helmets made with metal which interferes with the Freikometer reading the tag. Some Freikers have had success placing the tag on a chin strap (putting additional clear tape over the tag is fine).

How do I get a new helmet tag?

Please use our contact form to get a new tag.

My child came home with someone else's helmet. Can you help?

You can send us the tag number at our contact form and we'll do our best to notify the child.

Is walking included?

We don't support walking at this time. The program is just getting started, and we would like to work out the kinks before expanding into other modes of transportation (such as walking).

How do I get more bike racks for my school?

This is a common problem with Freiker. On the one hand it is flattering, because we want to see more bikes at schools, but we also know that kids need racks to lock their bikes to. Talk to your school, parent association, or school board about installing new racks. Or see if there are local companies or individuals who would be willing to donate racks or the money to purchase them.

My child doesn't have a helmet. Can he or she still participate?

Because we care so much about safety, we require the tags to be fastened to helmets. That way, children do not get credit unless they wear helmets. If your child needs a helmet, please use our contact form.

Can I track when my child arrives or leaves school?

No. The Freikometer stores the tag numbers until it can upload the data to this website. Sometimes there are network problems that prevent the tags from getting uploaded.

What if I don't want to give my child's name or email?

No problem. You can use any name you want. And we do not want children registering. Parents register. We only require an email address, not even your real name. We ask for other data, such as a 9-digit zip code and gender, but none of that information is required to participate in Freiker. Note that if you do not give us a valid email address for yourself, we can't contact you if your child wins the Green Gear or to communicate other relevant information. Don't worry, we promise we won't spam you, and we do not share our email lists with anyone.

What if it is snowing or raining?

You only get credit if you ride, even if it is raining or snowing. Many Freikers do ride in bad weather. It's up to each family to decide how often they want to ride. At Freiker the rule is simple: The more you ride, the more you win!

Who pays for the iPods?

Freiker, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Your donations pay for prizes. We do receive some money from the federally-funded Safe Routes to Schools program. We also receive donations from many local companies.

How can our school become part of the program?

Please read our brochure to learn more about the program. If you have further questions, please contact us using our contact form to determine the costs for your program and the necessary steps to add Freiker.