The Freikometer

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Like many other bike encouragement programs, Freiker started with punch cards. The next year we used barcodes and scanners. In 2006, we debuted the Freikometer: an automatic device that counts riders and uploads the data securely to this site. It's solar powered so you can put it right near the bike racks at your school. This has allowed us to expand rapidly without compromising the quality of our data.

The Freikometer is currently being used at five Boulder Valley School District schools. The Freikometers survived (for the most part) the harsh winter of 2006-2007. We completely redesigned the Freikometers for the 2007-2008 school year, and they are working better than ever.

Helmets are a must

The Freikometer counts riders using a radio-frequency identification (RFID). Freikers have RFID tags affixed to their helmets. When they ride to school, they ride past the Freikometer to "ring in".

This means that all participants have to wear helmets. You can't ring in without your helmet. And, it's easiest to be wearing the helmet as you ride by the Freikometer.


Freiker's success is measurable due to fanatical dedication to data. We want to know that what we are doing is making a difference.

Freiker started at Crest View Elementary in March 2005. Crest View was a fairly active school with about 12,000 rides per year. In 2007-2008 we are likely to surpass 24,000 rides. You can see these results in the graph below.