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The Freiker Program encourages kids to ride their bikes to school. The program is run by volunteers and supported with donations from sponsors as well as parents. Please donate to Freiker!

RFID tags

To participate in the program, your child's helmet is marked with a Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) tag by a Freiker volunteer. Every day your child must ride by the Freikometer to be counted. The Freikometer runs before and after school so if you are late to school or are an afternoon kindergartner, don't worry, you'll be counted. The RFID tag does not identify your child. This is to help ensure you and your child's privacy. The code is unique, which is how our software knows your child has ridden that day. We do not require any information that would identify your child.


Everybody can win a prize. Freiker is not a competition between children, classes, or schools. After ten rides, every Freiker (program participant) is eligible for a prize. At the end of the year, there's a party for all Freikers, even if you have only ridden to school one time! You just need your Freiker helmet tag to get in.

Parents must register with this website. There's no charge, and we only require an email address, which allows us to contact you when your child wins a prize.


Your child must ride by the Freikometer in the morning or afternoon. We do our best to instruct your child, but it's up to parents to make sure that they follow through. Some small children need to be reminded, but older kids get it right away.

Sometimes the Freikometer is broken, or it doesn't read an RFID tag properly. In this case, you can login to the website and click on the Add Missing Ride link.


Each school's Wheels decide what is cheating. Some schools include scooters. Others don't allow them. With an iPod at stake, cheating is inevitable. If your child is caught checking in with the Freikometer, and she hasn't ridden to school that day, she will lose all her rides up to that point. Wheels audit from time to time, and it's up to you to not let your child checkin without riding. This is a guideline, and you need to talk to your school's Wheels about what is and isn't allowed.


We are concerned about your child's safety. Riding to school is a lot of fun, and it is very safe. The more kids that ride together, the more likely they are to be seen. Freiker encourages kids to ride safely. We will supply helmets to children who need and cannot afford them. Your child must wear a helmet to participate in the program.

Parents are responsible for their child's safety. Please teach your children about road safety. We recommend you ride with your child until you are satisfied your child can ride alone. There are many excellent resources that help you understand bike safety, for example, KidsHealth(r),, National Fire Prevention Association, and Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.


From time to time, we may take photographs of your child. We may put your child's picture on our website, in a brochure, or other printed materials to show how much fun Freiker is. If you do not want your child's picture published, please contact us at our contact form. We understand and completely respect your desire to maintain your family's privacy.


Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you already have a wheel (lead volunteer) at your school, just go to your bike rack on a Monday morning. If you would like to bring Freiker to your school, please contact us at our contact form. If you are politically inclined, please go to school board and/or city council meetings and tell them about Freiker. If you know how to write grants, we could use your help, too.


We will gladly accept donations. Our program has been entirely volunteer run to date, including the software and hardware to run our website. We need your help. Click here to learn how to donate to Freiker! It's tax-deductible!


We encourage feedback so please contact us at our contact form with your questions, comments, and/or suggestions.

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