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May 26, 2006


Landon Hilliard
Transportation Department - TO School Program
Boulder Valley School District
Rob Nagler, President
Freiker, Inc
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Freiker Bike Encouragement Program at Crest View Elementary School Celebrates Success - Freiker Receives Grant and Community Support

BOULDER - Freiker, Inc. a local non-profit will host a party for student participants and parent volunteers to celebrate the wild success of the cycling encouragement program this school year. The event takes place Wednesday, June 7, 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

The Freiker party will feature a presentation of "Extra Cool Prizes," the dedication of new bike racks, and ice cream for all. Recently, Freiker was awarded a portion of just over $73K in grant money from the Colorado Safe Routes to School Program through the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) . The grant will fund the expansion of the Freiker frequent biker program to six BVSD schools through spring 2008.

Freiker (rhymes with "biker") has been a wild success at Crest View Elementary . More kids are riding their bikes to Crest View than ever before, and they are riding more often. The secret to Freiker's success is daily tracking and weekly prizes. Kids can track their rides and choose prizes on .

Ned Levine, Crest View Elementary Principal, will be unveiling the much-needed new bike racks.

"Our bike racks are overflowing. Everybody at Crest View loves the Freiker program and the extra encouragement it provides to students to bike to school," said Levine.

The Freiker party is scheduled for June 7 at Crest View Elementary (view map) from 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Wild Oats and Hatton Creamery will supply lunch for the 150 kids in the Freiker program at Crest View. The kids will also receive cool prizes donated by bivio Software, Inc. , Compass Bank , Dean Bikes , Descente , Mirrycle , University Bikes , and Vectra Bank .

Like most encouragement programs, Freiker started with a volunteer-intensive punch-card system. In 2005-06, Freiker automated data collection through optical barcode readers. With this CDOT grant and generous support from corporate sponsors such as Skyetek and bivio Software, daily tracking will be fully automated with the development of the Freikometer , a bike counting device which is directly connected to .

The Freikometer represents a huge step forward in bike/walk encouragement programs. With computers managing the repetitive and tedious tasks of ride counting and prize tracking, volunteers are empowered to use their precious time to encourage more children to bike or walk to school and to teach traffic safety.

Freiker will also provide a support network for the volunteers who want to trade advice. Kids will come to to learn how to rank in their class, grade, school, district, state, and country.

"Friendly competition managed by the Freikometer is a great way to get more kids on bikes and walking to school," says Rob Nagler, president of the non-profit Freiker program.

"Freiker empowers our wonderful volunteers to focus on what they love to do most - help kids. This is the first time we have applied for a district-wide Safe Routes to School grant, and I'm pleased to say we received full funding to be shared among six schools. This is great news for walking and cycling advocates here," said Landon Hilliard, BVSD Student Transportation Coordinator.