Freiker (FREquent bIKER, rhymes with biker) believes that every trip counts. Biking or walking to school is:

  • healthy - fun and exercise with friends and family

  • environmentally friendly - one less car on the road

  • easy - the perfect way to get to school

Kids do the pedaling, our "Freikometer" does the counting. Rides add up throughout the school year and are redeemed for prizes at an end-of-year school party. It's that simple.

Join the movement that's inspiring kids to change our schools, our communities and our world - one bike ride at a time. Become a Freiker today!



Freiker gives kids a chance to make a positive impact on their future and the future of the planet. You can help, too.


"Our bike racks are overflowing. Everybody at Crest View loves the Freiker program and the extra encouragement it provides to students to bike to school." Ned Levine, Crest View Elementary Principal

"I call it 'the smile index,' and I can see it on their faces. They're happy to be on their bikes, and they know they're part of a movement." Landon Hilliard, Student Transportation Coordinator for the Boulder Valley School District

"This is exactly the sort of program One World Two Wheels (1W2W) is proud to support. It gets kids riding, provides measurable results, and energizes the school community. I've seen it work and it's terrific." Rebecca Anderson, Director of One World, Two Wheels